Tuesday, March 2, 2021

13 Songs You Should Listen to Now: This Week’s Pitchfork Selects Playlist

The staff of Pitchfork listens to a lot of new music. A lot of it. On any given day our writers, editors, and...

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    This Topshop Sale Has Us Filling Our Carts To The Brim — & It Ends In 12 Hours

    Does retail therapy work for mourning the loss of, well, a retailer? Maybe not, but it’s a great way to celebrate the revival of a favorite brand. Topshop staples from the Jamie skinny jean to Zoom-worthy organza blouses are reborn on the ASOS site and ours for the taking — minus 25% of the original price, of course. Take a look at the collection of top-notch buys ahead that will give your wardrobe a wonderful revamp. Hey, if Topshop’s reinventing itself, so can we.

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