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The Best New Beauty Products Launching in April 2021

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    Jada Pinkett Smith Tells Us Why She Launched Hey Humans

    Jada Pinkett Smith. Courtesy of Hey Humans

    Jada Pinkett Smith has officially entered the beauty space with her new eco-conscious brand Hey Humans. The 18 product line, which is complete with a range of body washes, body lotions, deodorants, and toothpastes, is designed with the safety of the environment in mind.

    “My body is my temple and I love to take care of my body inside and out,” Pinkett Smith, 49, tells Stylish. “But I also realize that the planet needs care as well.” That’s where Hey Humans comes into play. 

    To help end plastic pollution, Hey Humans products are packaged in materials like aluminum and paper. That means that the self-care line can be infinitely recycled and avoid contributing to the buildup of plastic in landfills and oceans. 

    Jada Pinkett Smith Launches Personal Care Brand Hey Humans to Care for Her Body and the Planet
    Courtesy of Hey Humans

    “I wanted to create a personal care line that was good for my body as well as the planet,” the Creative Director and Cofounder tells Stylish. “Hey Humans checks those boxes for me personally by respecting the planet’s natural resources.” 

    To Pinkett Smith, a self proclaimed “beauty junkie,” it was important to have the same eco-conscious approach reflected in the formulas themselves. Every product in the lineup uses naturally derived, up cycled ingredients and gender neutral scents. 

    Another plus? All of the products are a extremely affordable, ringing in at no more that $6. 

    To break the news of her newest business endeavor, Pinkett Smith posted a video to her Instagram page on February 22. “As you may know personal care is one of my passions, but so is sustainability. As a family, we’ve loved supporting Jaden on his journey with Just Water,” she says in the clip. “And now we have Hey Humans which I’m proud to present as the first personal care brand to be 99 percent plastic free across category.” 

    If you’re not sure which product from line to test out first, follow in Will Smith’s footsteps and give the toothpaste a go—it’s his personal favorite. On Hey Human’s Instagram, Smith, 52, whips out the Naturally Derived Toothpaste in Clean Mint Rush—which is free of artificial sweeteners, paragons, and sulfates—and gets to scrubbing his pearly whites. 

    “These are game changers,” the Gemini Man actor mumbles with toothpaste running down his mouth. “They give your mouth the most intense cleaning with powerful whitening action. But the real secret here is their exclusive Everice Whitening Technology. It gives your mouth the iciest cool sensation and leaves long lasting fresh breath for hours.” 

    Hey Humans launched on February 23 and is available exclusively at Target.

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